• Shivaay to humiliate Anika for helping Priyanka Dev in Ishqbaaz

    In the forthcoming episode, the show to witness high voltage drama when Shivaye rejects Chabra's proposal and ask them to leave. But Priyanka start linking dev.
    Om Shivaay have a conversation about Dev, Om don't like the proposal as they lied to the family, Om says name and family do not matter to him, but lies.. and Maine while Shivaay reject the proposal as Dev is illegitimate child of Mr.Chabra.  Shivaay says,Dev’s truth won’t change, his birth, blood and lineage, 

    Dev call Priyanka and ask to meet him but Priyanka refuse to meet him as Shivaay doesn't like the proposal. To meet Priyanka Dev Enter Oberoi house. Knowing what will be Shivaay's reaction if he came to know Dev has come to meet Priyanka Anika try to help Dev to get out form Oberoi house, unfortunately Shivaay catch them red handed , 

    In upcoming episode Shivaay will loos his temper and blame her for guiding Dev Priyanka against his will and will humiliate Anika will not even listen to what she has to say. Anika will be heartbroken , she will be leaving the job because of Shivaay's harsh words
    Will Priyanka be able to clear the missunerstanding between Shivaay Anika?
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