• Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th October 2016 – Full Episode

    Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th October 2016 Written Episode

    Jaggi sits in Gopi’s room and prays for her. A sufi song plays in the background. Kokila comes and gets tensed seeing Jaggi in a pool of blood. Urmila tells him what Jaggi did for Gopi.

    Pari and Mona ask Parag and Urvashi to go home and rest. Parag says he will not go without Kokila. Pari says he knows Kokila well, she will not go away from Gopi. She insists and they both leave. Kokila comes next and Pari says she sent papaji and Urvashi aunty home. Kokila says she will stay with Gopi.

    Jaggi sitting in front of Gopi thinks she risked her life and bore a bullet to save his life. He is indebted to her.

    Kokila and Urmila pray at hospital temple for Gopi’s speedy recovery and praise Jaggi’s concern for Gopi. Jaggi enters and Urmila says they were talking about him. He asks them to go home. Kokila says she will stay with Gopi. Jaggi says he willl be with Gopi and sends them both.

    Dharam comes to Meera and tries to apologize. She says she he is at mistake because of his wrong thinkging and leaves room. Dharam thinks she is right.

    In the morning, Jaggi looks at Gopi and says he will take care of her hereon. Gopi opens her eyes and listens to him. He brings food, tastes it first and then asks her to have it. She says no. He says if she does not eat, family will come and force her. She agrees and smiles. He feeds her food.

    Kokila gets ready to go to hospital. Vidya callls her and says she is coming to hospital. Kokila says she should stay at home and take care of Naiya’s marriage arrangements as marriage is just 3 days away.

    Jaggi continues to cheer up Gopi. Doc informs Gopi that she can be discharged now. Kokila ad Parag enter. Jaggi fumes seeing Parag. Gopi suggests him to forgive Papaji and move on.

    Precap: Jaggi falls asleep while guarding Gopi. Krishhna enters.