• Ram to find out about Luv-Kush's reality in Siya Ke Ram

    The drama in Siya Ke Ram (Star Plus and Triangle Films) has been keeping audience entertained!
    It’s time to now see a major turn that will leave viewers hooked to TV screen.
    As per the current track, Ram (Ashish Sharma) has been feeling a special connect for the two kids Luv (Uzair Bashar)-Kush (Harsh Sharma), who he doesn’t know are his kids.

    In a turn of shocking events, Bharat and Shatrughan will decide to fight the kids for not allowing people to enter the jungle. After they will be defeated, Ram will decide to send Hanuman (Danish Akhtar) to go and meet the kids.
    Hanuman who knows the reality of the children will hesitate but follow Ram’s order. Once there, he too will fall for the talented kids and lose the fight.
    Shared a source, “Luv-Kush will tie Hanuman to a tree and get their mother Sita (Madirakshi Mundle) to showcase their victory. Sita and Hanuman will both be shocked to meet each other.”

    On one side Hanuman will inform Sita that Ram misses her and she should go back with them, on the other Sita will tell Hanuman that he lied about his identity and thus she has lost faith in him.
    Once back, Hanuman through his tricks and the help of Vashishtha will make Ram realise that the kids he has been fighting against are actually his own.
    Wow, finally!
    So will the family unite? Will Ram-Sita get back together?
    We could not reach the actors for a comment.