• KRPKAB: Dev's romantic avatar for Sonakshi post marriage

    Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi: Dev and Sona gets worried as Ishwari falls sick on their first wedding night
    In the upcoming episode, the show to witness high voltage drama as Dev and Sona are getting romantic with each other.
    Just then Radha comes and informs Dev that Ishwari has fainted, they gets shocked and rushes to see Ishwari.
    Mama ji makes Ishwari sit on the sofa, Sona asks Nikki to bring glucose water and bp machine.
    Sona gets upset with Dev

    Sona gets to know that Dev kept non veg dishes in the party instead of veg dishes.
    So she gets shocked and asks Dev that atleast he should have discuss this once with her.
    Sona gets upset with Dev as she feels that Dev should have told her about all this.
    Stay tuned for the upcoming twist.