• KRPAB: Sonakshi to be EMBARRASSED in Dev's house post marriage

    DevAkshi has finally united in Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi!
    Although Sonakshi and Dev have become one, the trouble in their life is yet not gone. We earlier reported that their first wedding night was spoiled because of Ishwari's ill health. Now comes in another drama post their wedding!

    The post wedding rituals are on wherein Sonakshi is required to cook for the first time for the entire family. But sadly, Sonakshi will not be aware of their family's taste and preferences. And at that time, Ishwari will come as a savior to her.
    Yes, you heard it right!

    Although Ishwari will help Sonakshi in preparing food which will turn out to be good, Dadi bua will realize the taste and ask Ishwari the reason for helping Sonakshi in preparing the food. Sonakshi will be left embarrassed as Ishwari will get the credit for the food, but Dadi bua will leave the topic by taunting her that she needs to learn a lot to fit in the family.

    Well, this is not it! The other day, Sonakshi will be asked to wake up by 5 for Tulsi pooja, wherein she will wear footwear and come. Dadi Bua will get another topic to shout at her.

    How much more will Sonakshi have to go through is indeed a wait and watch!

    Like it or Love it! Do comment how are you feeling about the upcoming track!