• Kawach: Paridhi in double trouble amid Swadamini and Jolly

    Kawach Kali Shaktiyo Se: Swadamini's open challenge to Paridhi (Mona Singh)
    The upcoming episode of Kawach Kali Shaktiyo Se will show high voltage drama where Paridhi now enters in dual trouble 
    Yes you heard it right Paridhi's new enemy enters her life to make it hell for Paridhi.
    This new enemy is taking older revenge from Paridhi actually Paridhi had sent him jail.
    Paridhi had seen a crime and had given statement against Jolly for attacking his girlfriend with acid.

    Jolly is imprisoned in jail from many years and wants to take revenge from Paridhi.
    Jolly thus takes help of evil practices to take revenge from Paridhi and captivates over Rajbir.
    Jolly wants to take advantage of Paridhi and to kill her fulfilling his revenge, Swadamini is aware about it and challenges Paridhi.
    Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes.