• Jamai Raja: Mahi's kiss of love saves Satya from death bed

    Jamai Raja: Mahi (Shiny Doshi) turns Satya's (Ravi Dubey) savior from Koyal and Somu 
    The upcoming of Jamai Raja is up for high voltage drama where Satya pretends to be mentally unstable.
    Satya has saved Payal from electric shock attack and he himself pretends to be in mentally unstable state.
    Mahi pampers Satya and he himself creates trouble for Koyal and Somu.

    Koyal and Somu thus plans to take revenge and tortures Satya but threatening him to life.
    Mahi saves Satya 

    Mahi comes just then and sees Satya struggling for life, Mahi tries to revive Satya but all in vain.
    Mahi gives mouth to mouth air to Satya thus saving his life, Satya gets back and Mahi takes him along.
    Let's see will Mani's concern for Satya make her fall in love with him.
    Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes.