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    Shivay in his room gulping medicines down one by one and Pinky near him crying how badly goons beat him
    She applies ointment and he screams

    Dadi applies to Om and he also screams saying its burning 

    Jhanvi applies to Rudra and he starts jumping saying u should take me to the ICU wat r u applying to me and he throws all kinds of cute tantrums and acts to faint 

    Jhanvi says u have just got a few injuries and Rudra narrates how he beat 50 goons single handedly 

    Rudra says both my brothers were just standing there clapping and I fought alone and Jhanvi asks how they got hurt then  He tries his best to avoid the ointment and sends Jhanvi away

    Jhanvi Pinky n Dadi come back n talk how all three of them are still kids n difficult to handle

    Prinku comes and asks all three of them to relax and take medicines for headache from Shivay's chemist shop in his room

    Anika applies ointment to herself and Sahil asks her if she has got so many injuries then how much ShivOmRu must have got and Anika asks wats that and he explains Shiv Om Ru

    Sahil calls all three of them bechare and Anika says only 2 of them are bechare, teesre ko jitna maaro utna kam
    She calls him Mr. Bagad Billa and asks Sahil if he remembers how he  insulted her so much in thok ka bhav

    She says he fired me but OmRu are very good.

    Jhanvi Dadi Pinky give a medicine each to Shivay Om n Rudra and Shivay says this is a very strong medicine, Rudra again starts his tantrums and all three finally take the medicine.

    Anika says I do not understand aise jalebi jaise aadmi ke bhai itne seedhe kaise hain

    Sahil says Billu Ji fought for u today so u should not be upset with him and she remembers how he was getting beaten...she asks Sahil not to praise him as one bucket of water cannot wash away all his sins even though he said Sorry

    Sahil n Anika start talking random and Anika says I m proud of u and he says, same way u should be proud of Billu Ji too coz this was the first time he tried saying sorry and him saying sorry is a big big thing

    Anika remembers his sorry and asks Sahil not to take his side.

    All three ladies again gather in hall and thank God as all three finally took medicine ...Jhanvi says I feel they might do some stupidity in the effect of the medicineShocked

    Anika tells Sahil he is right and he says I didn't say anything...a new music plays   She says u just said how he said sorry for the first time and she starts praising all members of Oberoi house one by one and also saying how Billu Ji tried saying a sorry and that's my best fren's house.

    Sahil says but he insulted u so much right, even fired u, he said a sorry n u threw water...so now will u forget everything?

    Sahil asks her if that one bucket of water would wash away all his sins?

    Sahil says u saved him from a murder accusation and he didn't even say a thank u...Anika says I didn't save him to hear a thank u!

    Sahil asks then y did u save him?  Anika gets thinking as to why did she save him and Sahil says that too wen he fired u from the job after insulting so much   

    Sahil keeps asking for the reason and she says yeah, there must be some reason...why did I save him?

    Precap:  All three brothers in Shivay's room under the effect of medicine smiling like crazy  Shivay says I don't know why Anika did so much for me...Rudra says bcz there's something between u two...Anika comes there at the door 

    Shivay says yeah u both are right...Anika hides herself behind the wall and starts listening their conversation and Shivay holds both his brothers by each shoulder and says I didn't tell u one thing, many times I don't see her...but I still feel her presence...and I m feeling the same feeling right now...I feel her presence...she is not here but still here...Om says next time wen u meet her ask her...Shivay says yeah wen I meet her I will ask and Om says so meet right now and they both say a Hi to Anika and Shivay stands in a Stand at Ease position and they both leave saying a Good Luck to Anika!! Shivay smiles looking towards her standing straight!