• Ishqbaaaz 14th October 2016 - Full Episode

    Ishqbaaaz 14th October 2016  Written update

    Anika comes walking in her area and everyone stares at her and tells her she is a TV star now.

    Ppl keep misbehaving with her till she reaches her house and Bua screams at her and signals her to leave from there.  She calls her kalnkini kulta and asks her to leave from her houseDead

    Anika asks for Sahil and Bua says he is inside coz I do not want him to become like u

    Anika says who is she to ask her to leave and she knows she wants to have this house and she will not let this happen!!

    OmRu talking and Rudra tells Om  that I used to jokingly say that Anika didi is an Angel but she is truly Bhaiya's Guardian Angel.  Om says dusron ke liye jaan dene wale bohot dekhe but kisi aur ke liye apna maan dene wali ladki aaj pehli baar dekhi!

    Rudra says Bhaiya should apologize to her ryt and Om say sm sure he will and he must be thinking the same right now!

    They both go to meet Shivay!

    Shivay by the poolside remembering how he insulted Anika and threw her out wen OmRu come there

    Om asks Shivay wat is he doing and he says nothing and Rudra asks Lady baba and Shivay says she left

    Om asks him wat is he doing here till now and Shivay asks wat do u mean and Rudra says means u should go ti Anika didi!!

    Bua drags Anika calling her aawara bachchalan kulta and pushes her.
    Anika asks her to behave herself and mind her tongue and says do u think I am some abla naari  that anyone will talk rubbish about me n I will die?

    I have fought with life all my life and she twists bua's wrist and says I have not yet forgotten  this quality of mine

    Bua starts screaming and  her nautanki infront of the neighbors saying she is going to kill me

    Bua asks her wat kinda cheap drama is this and Bua says u love fighting with the world right, now go n do that and she starts screaming again!!Sleepy

    Shivay asks OmRu wat will I go n tell her?

    Om says now this also we will have to teach u?  If I say in Anika's language then u have phailaoed the raita and u will only have to sameto it

    Rudra says bhaiya u have made many mistakes ...u insulted her so bad and fired her but she still sacrificed everything for u!

    Shivay says I did that cz even after me saying no she got Dev inside the house to make him meet Prinku.
    Prinku comes saying this is Wrong

    prinku n Soumya both come inside and Prinku says Anika did not get Dev inside my room...Dev came to meet me n I got scared and confused and that is why I took him to my room.'

    Anika did not want me to meet him without ur permission and that's why she was taking him out of the house but u saw her and to save me she took all the blame on herself.

    I am at fault not her and Soumya agrees,\.

    Shivay shocked and his puppy face with guilt Day Dreaming

    Om says now wat r u waiting for...just go...Shivay fumbles and says wat have I done...almost cryin
    He says wat will I tell her how il I apologize!!

    Precap:  Anika screaming infront of the neighbors and says that I can have any relationship with anyone but who are u all to question me?  She goes to those goons who were teasing her and says u all  thought I am some chui mui girl...ek ek ka band nahi bajaya to mera naam bhi Anika nahi!!
    She was about to call the police wen the goons come and snatch her phone and  they say that Bua give her to us...she is not a thing to throw and bua says take her...Goons cover her from all sidesOuch