• Here Comes Not Expected Twist in Star Plus Ishqbaaz

    In Star Plus Popular Show Ishqbaaz  Shivaye (Nakuul Mehta) realizes that he has fallen in love with Anika so he breaks all relations with Tia
    In the forthcoming episode, the show to witness high voltage drama as Anika comes to meet Shivaye.
    Shivaaye asks her that he does not understands that why he is not able to ignore her.
    So she says that even she is not able to ignore him.

    Shivaye-Anikaa spend time together
    Then he even stops Anika from leaving and hugs her, they both spend quality time together.

    Later when Shivaye wakes up in the morning he realizes that maybe he has fallen in love with Anika.
    Shivaye thinks that he must break all the relations with Tia as he does not desires to marry her.