• Beyhadh: Kushal Tadon-Jeniffer Winget celebrate as TRP's increase

    Kushal Tandon and Jeniffer Winget celebrate dipawali with a different motive as the show Beyhadh's TRP's increase at a massive rate
    In the show Beyhadh the lead actors Jeniffer Winget and Kushal Tandon have a definite and healthy reason to celebrate their diwali with a blast.
    The show Beyhadh's TRP's have been shooting high since the release of the show in the mid of October 2016.
    Definitely the show is progressing at a higher pace with the story having the content that is pleasing the audiences mind and hearts.
    The story line is completely different from that of the old and repeated Saas and Bahu sagas.
    Aneri Vajanias very happy with her role in Beyhadh and shares an all togather different chemistry with Kushal Tandon

    The second girl in Kushal's life that is in Arjun's life that's Aneri aka Saanjh after Maya shares an all togather sifferent rapo with Kushal.
    Saanjh is very different from the character she plays on screen, although Kushal's character is somewhat similar to Arjun.
    It is the known fact that Arjun and Saanjh striked friendship from the day one Kushal and Aneri met on sets of Beyhadh.
    Well uptil now the show is taking everyone's breath away by involving a twist with Maya's death by drowning.
    Let's stay tuned for the further details and developments of the show's story line.