• YRKKH Akshara makes Naman arrest, Naksh beat Naman harming Naitik

    The upcoming episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai will show that Akshara brings Naitik back to house spoling Naman’s plan.

    Akshra then expose to Naman to family members as he kept Naitik hide from everyone and made plan to kill him.

    Singhania family gets furious on Naman for backstabbing them while Naksh loses his cool on Naman for harming his father.

    Naksh (Rohan Mehra) and Shaurya beat Naman

    Naksh and Shaurya beat Naman for his ill behavior while Karishma get shocked knowing about Naman’s reality.

    However, Misthi gets happy meeting his father Naman and aks him not to go anywhere now but Akshara makes Naman arrest while Naman keeps apologizing to Akshara but this time no one forgive him, for his big mistake.

    Will Akshra change her heart from Naman?

    Stay tuned for further exciting updates.