• Pooja Gor on Sony TV's 'The Kapil Sharma Show'

    Popular actress Pooja Gor Pratigya from Mann Kee Awaaz - Pratigya.

    The actress will appear next week on Sony TV's 'The Kapil Sharma Show.' But sadly, for all the actresses' fans, the actress will be a part of a single episode only.

    We called up Pooja, who revealed, " I will be a part of a single episode only. I am doing just one gag for Kapil."

    Kapil and Pooja go a long way back. The duo were also a part of Comedy Circus. Ask Pooja how it has been working with The Kapil Sharma, she had only good things to say.

    "I've known Kapil before he became 'The Kapil Sharma' and I have just one thing to say - he is still the same, humble and sweet. Even though I have done comedy before, I was doing it this time after a long gap and was nervous . Kapil came up to me and he was like - chill and be yourself. He kept encouraging me and told me that no one would judge me on the basis of the act. He made me comfortable and at home."

    Well, looks like Kapil has more sides to himself than just the one we know - of him being a funny man. As for Pooja, along with the actress,Rajiv Thakur too would be seen making an appearance in the episode.